ŏn.us.tees meets zyOzy…

through the power of the internet

and the randomness that is Twitter… (great tool btw… join up!)

ŏn.us.tees (twitter.com/onustees) was fortunate enough to be  
“followed” by…

Steve of the zyOzy foundation… twitter.com/zyOzyfounder

a snapshot description of zyOzy is an organization that “activates youth in a global fight against extreme poverty…”  which is 
something that ŏn.us.tees & The Do Better Movement is all about!

Recently, I went to see a documentary on their spokesperson, 
Emmanuel Jal, titled War Child

It is a power film tracing back to Jal’s life as a Sudanese Child 
Soldier… quite often we see pictures or read stories about child 
soldiers in “Africa”… but it is rarely told in context… this film 
holds nothing back and tells you how it really is… admittedly I 
went into the theater assuming I knew what it meant to be a 
child soldier… i had no clue… director C. Karim Chrobog has
done a wonderful job weaving Jal’s story… 

…I had so many wonderful thoughts about the movie I had to 
send Chrobog an email directly thanking him for bringing this 
story to life…

I hope you feel compelled now to click the links below to find 
out more… there’s so much to do… and it doesn’t require much 
to be apart… 

ŏn.us.tees will serve it’s part by bringing the brand of zyOzy 
to the people with t-shirts…

What will you do?


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