1.30.09: Five for Friday – 9th Wonder

This week’s five.for.friday features one of my favorite producers, 9th Wonder.


– dre’ of onustees.com

1. Median – Comfortable: this is my personal fave of all his production… he flips Luther Vandross “Forever, For always, For Love”…

2. BCC feat. Aaliyah – Night Riders (Remix): how he chops, i just don’t know! but it always comes out wonderful…

3. Little Brother feat. Median – Shorty On The Lookout: this is when i fell in love with LB music… off their debut album “The Listening”…

4. Little Brother feat. Joe Scudda – Lovin’ It: I’m sure I’m not alone when I say… “this is my favorite LB track…”

5. Murs – Freak These Tales: another dope chop… this one of Billy Paul’s “Word Sure Gets Around”…

new ŏn.us.tee: black on black heart

Hello on.us.people,

For February we’ve decided to craft a t-shirt that combines the 2 major themes of the month “Love” & “Black History.”

Thus, we present the black on black heart on.us.thought design…

We hope you find the design and message as exciting as we do… Too often we hear the catchphrase “black on black crime” and hardly ever does the media portray the reality that is black love… With the recent inauguration of our President Barack Obama and 1st Lady Michelle Obama it is now impossible to avoid the existence and the need of black love

The t-shirts are priced at $22.14 in celebration of (….and mainly to remind brother’s that *ahem*) Valentine’s Day on Saturday, Feb. 14th.

We are also offering 10% off all t-shirts with coupon code: onusheart

So spread the word… but more importantly spread the heart with your fellow brothers & sisters…

with an on.us.heart,

– dre’ of onustees.com

ŏn.us.portraits: Richard Avedon Exhibit

Over the past weekend I was able to make it to the Richard Avedon: Portraits of Power exhibit @ the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC before it ended Sunday.

I must admit I had put it off for some time, other “more important” things always popped up. I am quite delighted nothing “came up” the weekend of it’s closure. The exhibit is a very powerful collection of Avedon’s work over the past 6 decades.

“This exhibition traces one artist’s fascination with the animating forces of American democracy. Seen together, the photographs comprise a kind of historical group portrait, showing key figures from a half-century of political life. They provoke questions about the complex motivations of portraitists and their subjects, who work—sometimes at cross-purposes—to depict or project an image that conveys personal history, character, ambitions, and ideals. Finally, they reveal an extraordinary career-long investigation into the complex nature of power. Surrounded by the faces of the powerful, leaders and ordinary citizens alike, the audience is itself empowered by the dialogue that results between those who use power to exercise control and those who seek it to affect change.”www.corcoran.org/avedon/about_more.htm

Here are some examples:

– Marian Anderson

– Malcolm X

– President Barack Obama

Another plus to the exhibit was the photo booth that took similar styled shots for the public!

And it just so happens I was sporting the flagship on.us.tee the 1st day I went…

Of course I had to go back the next day and take a shot with the “Oh, Yes We Did” tee!!!


enjoy life,

– dre’ of onustees.com

(psst… be on the lookout for the new on.us.tee for February…)

1.23.09: Five for Friday

Hello world,

Let’s try something!

Each week we’ll post the Top 5 songs we’ve been jamming to alllllll week long…

Music is a large influence on.us and is reflected in our designs…

So, in addition to the on.us.playlists that come with each online purchase of an on.us.tee… We will bring you the weekly jams each Friday for your delight!

This week, Marvin has been the MVP!

1. Marvin Gaye – A Funky Space Reincarnation: recently featured in a Dior commercial with Charlize Theron.

2. Marvin Gaye – Anna’s Song: off his “Here, My Dear” album used as payment in his divorce settlement from Anna Gaye.

3. Marvin Gaye – What’s Happening Brother (Live): been playing this over and over again thinking of how he would have viewed this week… “What’s Hap’ning My Man?”

4. Michael Jackson – Never Can Say Goodbye (Remix by K Salaam & Beatnik): this is truly amazing… all we say is… check out more of their work @ http://commonremixed.com/

5. Sylvia – Sweet Stuff: groovy little track… is the sample used by J Dilla for “Crushin'”…

Bonus Song!!! J Dilla – Crushin’: one of the best to ever do it… learn more about his life @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J_Dilla …rest in peace.

2009: Be 1st & Get It Crackin’

Got your resolutions set?
Ready to get ’em crackin’?
So are WE!!!
Our main resolution for 2009 is to sell more t-shirts… (It may be next year’s goal too!)  Thus, in effort to meet that resolution we’ve decided on two things:

1. Offer a 10% discount on all online purchases during the month of January. Coupon code: be1st

2. Reduce the prices on several of our shirts! (see below…)

The inspirational Get It Crackin’ t-shirt is now $21.00!!!
In celebration of the New Year and the all-important 1st that will take place 1/20/09, we’ve reduced the Be 1st: Egg price to $21.00 as well!!!
Lastly, the ŏn.us.tee brand t-shirt is now $18.00 from here on out. This includes all future color combinations!

Be on the look out for a special t-shirt for the month of February… We feel it captures the two major themes of the month quite well! ;-D

FYI, April isn’t just for Easter Eggs in 2009. The ŏn.us.eggs will have something to say about that…

As always…

enjoy (life),

– dre of onustees.com