2009: Be 1st & Get It Crackin’

Got your resolutions set?
Ready to get ’em crackin’?
So are WE!!!
Our main resolution for 2009 is to sell more t-shirts… (It may be next year’s goal too!)  Thus, in effort to meet that resolution we’ve decided on two things:

1. Offer a 10% discount on all online purchases during the month of January. Coupon code: be1st

2. Reduce the prices on several of our shirts! (see below…)

The inspirational Get It Crackin’ t-shirt is now $21.00!!!
In celebration of the New Year and the all-important 1st that will take place 1/20/09, we’ve reduced the Be 1st: Egg price to $21.00 as well!!!
Lastly, the ŏn.us.tee brand t-shirt is now $18.00 from here on out. This includes all future color combinations!

Be on the look out for a special t-shirt for the month of February… We feel it captures the two major themes of the month quite well! ;-D

FYI, April isn’t just for Easter Eggs in 2009. The ŏn.us.eggs will have something to say about that…

As always…

enjoy (life),

– dre of onustees.com

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