1.23.09: Five for Friday

Hello world,

Let’s try something!

Each week we’ll post the Top 5 songs we’ve been jamming to alllllll week long…

Music is a large influence on.us and is reflected in our designs…

So, in addition to the on.us.playlists that come with each online purchase of an on.us.tee… We will bring you the weekly jams each Friday for your delight!

This week, Marvin has been the MVP!

1. Marvin Gaye – A Funky Space Reincarnation: recently featured in a Dior commercial with Charlize Theron.

2. Marvin Gaye – Anna’s Song: off his “Here, My Dear” album used as payment in his divorce settlement from Anna Gaye.

3. Marvin Gaye – What’s Happening Brother (Live): been playing this over and over again thinking of how he would have viewed this week… “What’s Hap’ning My Man?”

4. Michael Jackson – Never Can Say Goodbye (Remix by K Salaam & Beatnik): this is truly amazing… all we say is… check out more of their work @ http://commonremixed.com/

5. Sylvia – Sweet Stuff: groovy little track… is the sample used by J Dilla for “Crushin'”…

Bonus Song!!! J Dilla – Crushin’: one of the best to ever do it… learn more about his life @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J_Dilla …rest in peace.

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