2.13.09: Five for Friday feat. Black Music History "Ladies Reign" – Day 6: Chaka Khan

This week’s five.for.friday features, Day 13: Chaka Khan.

1. Do You Love What You Feel: peep the classic video…

2. Any Love: my favorite Chaka Khan / Rufus jam of all-time…
(psst… btw, we sell “Rufus” tees… well… not the same Rufus ya dig… but “Rufus” nonetheless…)

3. Sweet Thing: getting down on SoulTrain… Mary J… who???

4. Tell Me Something Good: grooving on The Midnight Special… i really wish this show was around in my time… they need to bring it back!

5. Love Has Fallen On Me: a deep cut for you… this isn’t the version of the song that Kanye sampled for Common’s “Drivin’ Me Wild“… that’s Rotary Connection’s version… (btw, booooo to imeem, you have to click the link at the bottom to hear the whole song… :-/ )

Love Has Fallen On Me – Chaka Khan

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