2.20.09: Five for Friday feat. Black Music History "Ladies Reign" – Day 20: Aretha Franklin

This week’s five.for.friday features, Day 20: Aretha Franklin.

I’ll be on.us. it’s pretty much impossible to pick the top 5 Aretha Franklin songs… 10? nope… 15? not even… 20? hmm… nah….

So, I won’t even try… I’m just gonna post my personal fave 5… i.e. the 1st 5 songs that came to my mind when I was jotting down notes for this post…

And what can I say about her that hasn’t been said… a genius… Rolling Stones #1 Singer of All Time… the Queen of Soul… and the list goes on…

Just enjoy…

(in no order at all…)

1. I Say A Little Prayer

2. Day Dreaming

3. Until You Come Back To Me

4. I Never Loved A Man

5. You’re All I Need To Get By

3 more for the road…

1. Call Me

2. Spirit In The Dark

3. Don’t Play That Song For Me

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