March aka the "Month of Rufus"

Happy March People!

We hope it’s been a good one thus far…

We also hope you enjoyed the “Black Music History: Ladies Reign” series; where we featured Black Songstresses of Yesteryear.

Now, we’re back to the tees & this month we celebrate “Being Rufus!”

In support of this month we’ve listed the Top Ten reasons why you should (buy a shirt and…) Be Rufus too!

Top 10 – I Am Rufus

10. Once a Rufus, always a Rufus.

9. Originally, Highlights “Goofus & Gallant” was “Gallant & Rufus”, however Rufus continued to “out-cool” Gallant, so they decided to replace him with Goofus the Jackass.

8. Without Rufus, there would be no Chaka Khan.

7. Rufus was slated to be the new host of Late Night, sorry… he had better things to do.
(I do apologize for that one, it was late, it was on, The Roots are great but I’m still warming up to Fallon)

6. It is rumored Rufus’ birthday may actually fall within the month of March, exact date is unknown.

5. Rufus, the man who’s against The Man.

4. No one’s ever measured up to Jesus, why not give Rufus a shot!

3. Rufus… not just for old Black men.

2. During Lent, you can try… but you’ll never give up Rufus.

1. The Rufus tee is 100% Rufus approved.

Be Rufus, I am.

– dre’ of

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