under construction: on.us.tees headquarters (part 1)

Spring Cleaning?

Not good enough in 2009…

We’ve GOT to Do Better!

With that mantra in mind the on.us.tees HQ aka “mi casa” has been undergoing a pretty big renovation…

3 main tasks were set out about a month ago…

  • Phase 1: get rid of the old/nasty carpet and refinish the hardwood floors underneath
  • Phase 2: place tile in the kitchen and foyer areas
  • Phase 3: paint ALL rooms throughout the unit

Hindsight 20/20 I would have taken some shots of the place before work began… however, I wasn’t sure I was going to blog about this process…

Here are results from Phase 1: Floor Refinishing… the guys did a great job…

Phase 2: Kitchen & Foyer Tile began soon after the stain dried… several days of playing furniture Tetris… moving beds… drawers… desks… etc… I stuffed everything in the living room…

As you can see… the shops not closed… just doing a little remodeling… So, keep the orders coming… we’re still shipping them out in a timely fashion… Be sure to check out the updates on Phases 2 & 3… AND the addition of Phase 4… (what could it be???)

Come back soon to find out!

as always,

enjoy life…

– dre’ of onustees.com

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