Do Better Thursday – Commentary: Levi’s Soapbox "Tiger’s Lament"

Tiger’s Lament
Levi Daniels

So it would appear that the sports media and perhaps even the general media outlets got what they wanted, a full but no less carefully worded admission of guilt from one Tiger Woods. This new statement, among other things, gives the National Enquirer yet another “told ya so” feather in their proverbial cap and provides America with the means to engage in yet another one of its favorite pastimes (yes that’s right, move over baseball), looking down at the uber rich with moral disgust. America is nothing if not deeply conflicted and still nursing our deranged love/hate relationship with the wealthy. I mean, honestly, what’s not to hate about these people? While the regular joe is trying to make ends meet by navigating the unseemly and erratic ebb and flow of the corporate world, the rich sit comfortably above the fray, seemingly mocking us with the lack of concern or better still, with their feigned concern. Surely it isn’t enough to have all of your needs met while we struggle you have to rub it in our faces, what with your fancy cars, opulent abodes and lavish vacations to destinations we can only dream of. And yet, even that isn’t enough for you, you rich people with all of your money can’t seem to hold a marriage together without a hint of indiscretion. Never mind, that we in the general public with our collective 55% martial success rate haven’t quite got it right either, but at least we have an excuse, money.

It is well known, if only anecdotally, that a good number of marriages end because of some money woe. So it is only logical to believe that if that particular resource was abundant then we might mitigate that pesky divorce issue. And what do you do rich people? Complete turn our solution on its ear or which ever way provides an appropriate angle for coitus. You people won’t even allow us to have our delusions of money as a panacea.

By now I would hope my sarcasm isn’t lost on you the reader. Without a doubt there are many reasons to dislike the rich in all of the greedy self serving forms but does that give all reason to chase down Tiger just to force him to divulge his dirty secret? Who really cares if he cheated on his wife? Does that in any way diminish his prowess as a golfer? I’d venture to say no and will look forward to seeing him perform at the high level he has up to this point. Any indiscretion outside of that will have to be discussed with both he and the people he may have hurt as a result. I would imagine our collective time is better spent examining the multi-front war that has stretched thin our military and cost us billions or the very deep recession that has nearly everyone in America and beyond scared for their financial lives. And if all of that is simply too heavy for you, then do seek solace in our sporting events sitcoms, dramas with happy endings or contrived reality shows. But I would urge you to limit your comments to what you have actively observed and not that which you have not.

– Levi Daniels

4 responses to “Do Better Thursday – Commentary: Levi’s Soapbox "Tiger’s Lament"

  1. i totally agree. now honestly as a woman, sometimes my hope of receiving a faithful husband sometimes diminishes. i grow weary of hearing about cheating. however i also believe there is extra hype surrounding him because not only his he a man of color but he was a man of color with a squeaky clean image that no one could touch.on the other hand i lost great respect for the american media after the monica lewinsky affair many years ago. maybe this is how those in power continue to keep us in control by dumbing us down. i want to know about policy, wars, crime, good deeds and international affairs.most of the time WPFW and BBC news do a better job of providing American news than our native sources.

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