Do Better Thursday: Non-Profits / Movements

This weeks “Do Better Thursday” post will feature non-profit efforts (or movements) that are “doing it right.” Due to the abundance of Tiger Woods coverage, I’ve decided to keep this weeks post all on the up-and-up. Don’t worry next week I’m sure someone will be “doing it wrong” (outside of Tiger) and we’ll surely put them on notice.

Doing It Right: Non-Profits / Movements

  • zyOzy Foundation / Brighter Way Initiative – led by Steve Jennings (@zyOzyfounder) the zyOzy Foundation and its “brighter way” initiative aims to inspire the “youth in a global fight against extreme poverty.”
  • gua africa / Emma Academy – founded by former child soldier of Sudanese civil war turned rapper Emmanual Jal (@Emmanueljal) gua africa seeks to provide education to those denied the opportunity in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Emma Academy is the hallmark goal of Jal’s efforts, establishing an education center named in honor of Emma McCune who rescued Jal.
  • Harlem’s Children Zone (HCZ) / Harlem Children’s Zone Projects – currently lead by Geoffrey Canada, HCZ offers free services from education / college-prep, family development to healthcare for more than 10,000 children and more than 7,400 adults in Harlem. Recently, HCZ was featured on 60 Minutes.


Honorable Mention…

  • Isaac Hayes / The Isaac Hayes Movement – completely off topic but was instrumental aiding the development of this post by providing a soulful backdrop. If you’ve never heard of it… shame. If you have but don’t have it… go get it. “I Stand Accused” is a favorite among those in the know, however I prefer his give-the-Beatles-some-damn-soul version of “Something.

thank you for doing better,

– dre’ of

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