ŏn.us.thoughts: 12.09.09

  1. There’s an anti-gay law debate in Uganda that will treat homosexuality as a crime punishable by death, “corrective rape” is widespread in South Africa against lesbians and domestically gays & lesbians are battling for marriage rights. I think it’s a good time for us to stop this “no homo” mess.
  2. Although recently he’s lost some sponsorships and has a diminished role for others, oddly, I think it would pretty neat if the gay & lesbian community recruited Tiger Woods to promote gay marriage. Truly if he can bastardize the sanctity of marriage in such a way then they deserve a crack at it.
  3. If it’s not illegal to cheat on your wife with 9 women (and counting) then surely the use of marijuana should be legalized.
  4. I’ll admit it… I’m a music snob. Unapologetically.
  5. I also must admit… I still don’t “get” Mos Def’s “The Ecstatic.” I think it sounds good and is a good change of pace, I just don’t “get” it.
  6. The music snob in me wants to purchase the BlakRoc album, not because I’ve any heard song I really like but because I’m “suppose” to dig it over Gucci Mane’s “The State vs. Radric Davis.” 
  7. I doubt I’ll buy the album… the BlakRoc album that is.
  8. Nor the Gucci Mane, although that shouldn’t have taken up an ŏn.us.thought.
  9. The more I listen to Soul music the less likely I am to make beats, something about hearing well written music from those with superb talent and the struggle of a people in their consciousness makes my efforts laughable.
  10. I hope someone reads this.

6 responses to “ŏn.us.thoughts: 12.09.09

  1. Good stuff, as always, Dre! Dude, if you want to mess around with some music sometime, hit me up! I miss it, and I hate to hear someone might be losing their inspiration in the struggle…

  2. Thank you for reading the post!Josh, it's a struggle chief… especially with trying to learn a new software in the process… i really want to back at it… hopefully, I'll find some time during the holidays to get back in the groove… your offer is certainly noted… thanks!

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