ŏn.us.thoughts: 12.11.09

  1. It may not be PC (what really is these days?) but I feel there should be more made of the fact that Toby Gerhart of Stanford is in contention for the 2009 Heisman Trophy. Surprisingly, no media outlet have made mention that if he wins, he’d be the first White running back to win the Heisman since John Cappelletti of Penn State won in 1973. It’s been 36 years, 16 Black running back winners and even with one Black running back winning consecutive Heismans, Archie Griffin. Currently there are 0… that’s ZERO starting White running backs in the NFL. You’d have to go back to Merril Hoge or perhaps consider Mike Alstott to name the last successful White running back in the league. I really think White folks should be be proud, no sarcasm are in these words. He’s got my vote!
  2. I also think it’s ironic he’s considered a “dark horse” for the Heisman and his name is “Toby.”
  3. On the subject (click “Toby“), I have a fear… If Barack Obama commits adultery and is caught, I will instantly teleport to a plantation in Virginia befuddled as to why I have on torn over-alls and a sack at my side. Please #44, we don’t want go back.
  4. Tiger Woods (yes, I know… him again) found time to “front” a familyshoot sponsor ads, watch his alum Toby Gerhart run up and down the field, run a foundation, recover from knee surgery, focus and win PGA events all the while juggling up to 10 women (wife, texts & voicemails included). This only confirms he’s the greatest golfer of all-time or puts to question the caliber of golfers today. How bad must they be to consistently lose to a man who does all that?
  5. Hmm, is it possible to run a t-shirt business, produce music, maintain a blog, nurture a relationship, pursue additional dreams and work a 9-to-5? So far, OK. 2010, will be the true test. I guess I should go get Focus before it’s too late. 

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