Clarion Call for Common Sense: Window Shade Recall

“Hi, yes… can you please tell my mom to move my crib from the damn window?”
Clarion Call for Common Sense: Window Shade Recall
Recently, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall for all Roman-style shades and roll-up blinds on the grounds that the cords were a strangulation hazard for small children.  According to reports some 5 children have been killed since 2006 while some 16 others were injured as a result of these dangling deathtraps. 

So, in light of this most unfortunate situation we must ask ourselves, what is a parent to do?  With some 50 million blinds affected as a result of this recall, is no infant safe from an inadvertent hanging?

It is at this point that I feel compelled to issue my clarion call for common sense.  Is it just me, or have venetian blinds always been a little dangerous?  I distinctly remember the metal versions in my aunt’s apartment that could have cut me deeply were I left to my own devices to rub my forearms feverishly across them.  Where was the recall then?  Why was there no public outcry? 

As I pondered these questions it dawned on me.  The lack of public outcry is a direct correlation to the level of common sense present among the preceding generation.  You see, instead of insisting the government issue some cockamamie, almost unenforceable recall, they came up with their own solutions.

Chief among them was moving the crib away from the window.  What a splendid solution!  I mean, let’s examine it for a moment.  By simply moving the crib away from the dangerous item you mitigate its adverse effect on your child.  Still, that solution might be too involved.  Honestly, who wants to move the entire crib?  So we come up with a different solution.   This one keeps the crib where it is next to the window but moves the cord.   Either of these solutions is viable and does not require governmental intervention.

Which brings me to another issue I have.  In 2007 4,317,119 children were born.  Now let’s say that the unfortunate incidents occurred in 2007 the percentage of children in danger as a result of Roman shades would amount to .00000116 (just in case any of you have forgotten your decimal places, we’re in the millionths here).  To further illustrate my point, even if you calculated the percentage based on every child affected (that’s 21 for those keeping score) it still only amounts to .00000486 (still in the millionths).  Now, I in no way mean to imply that any life is unimportant, simply that these incidents are isolated and probably don’t warrant the alarm that they seem to be receiving.  Perhaps the onus should be placed on the parents, and not the companies. 

I only offer food for thought, do with it what you will.

Dig in,

Levi F. Daniels
Common Sense Advocate

3 responses to “Clarion Call for Common Sense: Window Shade Recall

  1. When I was a little boy I thought it'd be really really cool if I sprayed Lysol into the space heater and then turned it on. They didn't need to recall Lysol or space heaters and luckily no higher power saw the need to "recall" me. I'm living proof that common sense can be learned.

  2. As I am now a parent, I fully appreciate the thoughts. I find it hard to believe that so many parents are too busy with the things that they want to do that they are unable to keep their kids safe! That is on the top of my lists of things that I want to do right now!

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