Do Better Thursday: Week In Review

Doing It Right…

  • President Obama (still has a nice ring to it!) appeared on 60 Minutes this past Sunday to address “confusion” about his plan on the Afghan deployment and phase-out strategy. He also expressed his displeasure with the fat cats on Wall Street, check Brother Barack “almost” take it back to the streets of Chicago.
  • Tuesday, the D.C. Council approved same-sex marriage. This is a big step for gays and lesbians in pursuit of equal rights.  Aside from the goodwill the law will generate, the city will also benefit financially since DC will be only the 6th place in the nation with legal same-sex marriage. Bring on the unions & bring on the d’oh!
Doing It…?
  • I’m not sure where this falls… On the surface, it may be wrong but I’m not up on the politics of Italy. So, someone must have pissed someone off to push them to the point of hurling a statue at Prime Minister Berlusconi. Once again… I’m not condoning this violent act. However, the brother damn sure got his point across far better than a shoe would.
Doesn’t look like Barack’s too keen on him either.

Doing It WRONG!

  • Speaking of tossing a statue at someone… Joe “Turncoatass” Lieberman, who recently voted “No” on the Senate’s Healthcare Reform Bill, stated he wouldn’t vote on a bill that had a “Government or so called Public” option. In all fairness, he did cite the current debt as his reason for voting against the bill. But “look here bruh”…you didn’t mind spending kabillions on wars and now we set our sights on healthcare all of a sudden “it costs too much.”
“Joe… point Right* again and see if I don’t stick my foot up yo’ ass.”

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