Do Better Thursday: Week In Review – 01.01.10 to 01.07.10

Hello Movement…

I say “Movement” because it is truly that…

Yesterday afternoon there was only one candidate for this “Do Better Thursday” post…

However, after sending a tweet & Facebook status update asking for suggestions for the post… the candidates came flowing in…

Providing a full & hopefully funny (or at least mildly amusing) “Do Better Thursday” post…


Doing It Wrong!

  • Man tries to blow up plane by igniting his Underoos. Ok, this didn’t happened this week and by now you know the culprit, motive, capture, etc… However, the execution of his plan hasn’t been thoroughly examined by the public. It’s one thing to strap bombs to your torso and trot out into the middle of a marketplace. Even the shoe bomber was an “OK” yet silly plan. But to think of blowing up a plane by lighting your cashews on Christmas Day just doesn’t make much sense. There are a few things I’d die for… but NONE of them would require me putting the flame to the ole gonads. Also, it is my understanding he was trained for this mission. Sorry, I do understand the seriousness of this attempt, I just can’t help thinking this was prank on the kid. Reminds of that time I was watching Family Guy and…

  • Teddy Riley plays a power chord on daughters face. This isn’t just a “doing it wrong” on Teddy, this is a doing it wrong for all participants. Apparently his daughters were disrespectful to Mr. Riley and began to get physical with him first. In self-defense he explains that he resorted to New Jack Swinging with a Rock Band guitar on his daughters once they teamed up. Honestly, we may never know the truth… thus, they all need to do better! Here is Brother Blackstreet telling his side of the saga… play on playa.

  • Gilbert Arenas brings the gun show to the locker room. Flat out wrong. Sad because the guy seems very likable and all-around good dude but the aloof attitude has got to go. For a man, making that kind of money ($111M over 6 years), with a Jim Carrey like goofiness you would think if he’s trying to “prank-punk” a teammate, over a card game debt, he’d be more clever. If I was that rich I’d either get the “Doing It Right” Koala Bears (keep reading…) or the “Doing It Right” kick-ass Taekwondo monkeys to handle all my business. No need for guns when you’ve got wild animals on ya’ side! 
Now he’ll go from this…
Back to this…

  • “Racist” KFC commercial appears in Australia. Recently the internet has been buzzing about a KFC ad that features a White male seated amongst a crowd of celebrating Blacks in a stadium atmosphere. In an attempt to calm the rowdy crowd he presents a bucket of chicken which immediately causes the fans to dig in and he quips, “too easy.” Now, I have to disagree with the backlash that this ad is “racist.” Is it wrong? Yes. Is it racist? No, not by the definition: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. Nor was it discriminatory, I mean, he didn’t prevent the people from eating the chicken. But it is indeed pushing stereotypes, which is definitely a “no-no” in marketing. However, at the same time, the Do Better Movement must acknowledge that his ploy just might work. :-/ I for one, faithfully, bring a couple of boxes of Popeye’s to the company potlucks. It should be stated that it is not solely the American Negro who partakes in the fried goodness at work it is also the White Man who choweth downeth on the greasy deliciousness. Hell! It’s Rufus of I Am Rufus fame who drives us to pick up the chicken. You can also catch us ALL there each and every Tuesday for the $2.99 two-piece special. Get up on it people! But I digress… here’s the ad.

  • Beyonce samples MJ’s “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” for her new single “Black Culture.” I understand the risk of saying this song is “Doing It Wrong”… but it is. Sorry to those who may have heard it and currently jam to it. But… No! I’ve only heard the song once and from that offering my snob-ears let me know all I needed to know. The song is trashjuice. And to sample that catalog right now is a tad too soon from my liking, it hasn’t even been a year since Brother Mike ascended. I would have underdug if it was some underground rapper or lesser-known R&B artist however, this is Beyonce. Meaning, this crap/mess will be played everywhere, women will be chanting “I AM BLACK CULTURE!!!” on every block and men will be forced to dance to this ear-ache in the clubs. Not cool, B, not cool. Then there’s the title & hook, “I am Black Culture.” *sideeye* Come on, chief. You’re certainly not Black culture. Are you Black? Yes. Is your work progressing or promoting Black Culture? No. Please stop the foolishness. Sorry, I don’t have a link for the song for two reasons… 1, the RIAA apparently has combed the ENTIRE internet and removed it’s existence… 2, I wouldn’t have posted that mess anyway. (Editor’s Note: the track may not have been intended to be released. One would surely hope not.)
The Face of Black Culture

  • Houston’s Yates HS basketball team tries to score 200 points on opponent settles for 170.  With his team up 100-12 at halftime, Coach Greg Wise had his team continue to apply full-court press and aim for 200 points. … … … … … … …OK. I’m not one for “everyone who participates in the league gets a trophy.” However, running of the score of a high school game is doing it wrong. It’s pretty indefensible, I understand teens act grown but NO ONE feels good after a molly-whopping final score of 170-35. Also, I don’t think the coach is truly looking in the best interest of his players, if anything he’s putting a bullseye on them. I’m sure the kids know one another and if Yates HS continues their slaughterhouse tour of teams in their district, retaliation off-the-court may occur. Just saying… run some plays… hold the ball… sub-in the towel boys or cheerleaders… just slow it down because it may to lead to something worse. Here’s a link to the ESPN story with the coach defending his actions. 
Coach Greg Wise, taking out years of ridicule on HS teens in the Houston area. Just Win Baby! No, really WIN!
Doing It?
  • Tavis Smiley ends the “Black State of the Union” conference. I’m on the fence with this one. Mainly because he’s a grown ass man and can do as he pleases. He states he’s focusing on other projects and publishing company that is set to release the Autobiography of R. Kelly with the help of David Ritz (that’s for another post… that features a “he ain’t Marvin Gaye rant” which ultimately results in me finding parallels between the two thus a “fine… give Kelly a book” in the end.) However, one quote I just couldn’t get over that leads me to believe it’s selfish to end the conference after a decade strong.  The State of the Black Union “doesn’t have the premium that it used to have – and that’s a good thing.” Obviously, he’s referring to the fact that Obama is now in office so a gathering of prominent Black figures discussing the condition of Black America is no longer “cool.” The more I type about this… the more I think it belongs in the group above.  This is like finally getting that great job then taking a 2-hour lunch on the first day. I mean really, if anything this is the PERFECT time to have a conference and keep the ball rolling. You can’t do better if you’re not doing anything at all. I hope someone picks up the baton and runs onward with the conference. It’s needed. C’mon Tavis, do better by us.
I know when I’ve been out-cooled… my work here is done.
Doing it Right!
  • Dresden Soul Symphony plays the hits! featuring Joy Denelane, Tweet, Bilal & Dwele. The work isn’t new, I just happened to be introduced to it this week. The R&B stars and the symphony beautifully cover some of the best from Motown, Philly Soul, Stax, Donny, Uncle Ray, Aretha & others. It’s truly a great piece of work… Here’s a link to download. Thanks Cori! Enjoy. Sampling below of Joy & Tweet singing “It’s a Man’s World.”

  • Mom teaches son to invest, son becomes worth 50K by age 14. I heard about this young lad a few years ago, he’s resurfaced lately when he crossed the $50,000 net worth mark. After a plea to buy the latest Nike’s, Damon Williams’ mother told him he’d have to save up enough money to buy a share of stock in the company first. From there he’s taken that same approach and turned himself into a 7-figure brother. Teach a young brother to fish! This is all-around Do Better Approved! Which reminds me… *logs onto ShareBuilder*

  • It’s not all bad in Australia, Koala Bears doing the down under. While tennis star Andy Roddick was being interview by the local media, a couple of Koalas took the opportunity to perform for the cameras. Growing up Koalas were my favorite animal, and after this clip they’ve regain the title. I guess I should have chose them to be featured on the “Get It Crackin'” tee.

thank you for doing better,
– dre’ of

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