Do Better Thursday: Doing It Wrong! – 01.08.10 to 01.14.10

 “Doing It Wrong…”
  • Carlos “Actual” Allen admits to actually being invited to the actual White House State dinner. I was hoping this crashing mess would be over and done with the Salahis, but no Brother Allen has been revealed. I’ve actually tried to watch his explanation of his attendance to the actual state dinner but it’s hard to actually get through the whole clip. Not because I’m not interested in his story (actually, that is it…) but because he actually says “actual” damn near 50 times. I’d love to know the actual count… By the way Robin Roberts looks like she would like to be somewhere else… actually.
“Hey! Yo, it’s time to go party.” – Actual Jackson @ 7:30
  • Seahawks and Redskins invite Black coordinators to mock interviews. Recently, both the hiring of Pete Carroll in Seattle & Mike Shanahan in Washington have come under scrutiny in the media. In order to meet the “Rooney Rule” (a rule that mandates a minority must be interviewed before a coach is chosen) the teams appear to have interviewed Black candidates in a check-mark fashion. Over the past couple of days I’ve listened to friends defend the action with notions of “it’s not completely BS, they get the experience of being interviewed” and “the owners talk to each other and if they’re impressed they’ll pass on the good word.” Sorry these two instances are complete bullshit. In Washington the candidate’s boss, coach Jim Zorn, was STILL the coach when they interviewed him. And in Seattle they flew in the brother as an afterthought, “Oh, shit! Did we check off the Negro box???” I could go further with my rant on race in the NFL, but the focus of this “Do Better”Moment is for Commissioner Roger Goodell. Every time an athlete, typically of Negro lineage, decides to wear different color socks or shoelaces Goodell makes a stand that “we won’t tolerate such violations” in his league. Or a player is typing a tweet before he can press send, a text pops up “O RLY? That’ll be $10,000. – kthxbye, Uncle Roger.” The same man who upholds the anti-celebration stance on touchdowns has no comment on teams flying in Black “candidates” to do the Ickey Shuffle for naught? 
  “Ebony and mo’ Ebony
  • Woman goes to the Motherland, ends up on ComicView. When I first watched this clip I had no idea what was going on. Ko of posted the link on #thatsite, I simply clicked and followed. Apparently, a BBC show features 6 women spending one month with a remote tribe. In this clip, one women attempts to “fit in” with the ladies of a Namibian tribe and quite frankly, she bombs. It’s one of those you have to see it to believe. Honest moment: I laughed too. Leave a comment if you feel I was “doing it wrong” or “doing it right” by laughing.
  • NFL Teams decide not to show up for the playoffs, waste their spots and your time. Good riddance to the Bengals, Eagles and Patriots! Thanks for wasting a good portion of my weekend. There is a silver lining however, I was able to stumble upon two of the “Doing It Right” moments of this week!
Hey, Bengals & Pats… Her beloved Texans would have done better! Do Better.

to all those listed above…

do better,

– dre’ of

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