Do Better Thursday: Doing It Right! – 01.29.10 to 02.04.10

Doing It Right!
  • Obama says House Republicans, “C’mon Son! Get phuck outta here with that bullsh!t”… Jon Stewart examines on the Daily Show.
  • I don’t say this often… but I’m not going to deny it… *here goes* …BET actually had decent programming this past Tuesday and Wednesday… on Tuesday they showed the BET Honors… not bad, not bad… on Wednesday The Mike Vick Project premiered… granted I’m a huge Vick fan… so I may be bias… but it was a pretty damn good… I think the quality of both programs have more to do with the production teams as opposed to BET’s vision…
  • Joell Ortiz presents Exhibit H(aiti)… this is a strong track that tells this history of Haiti and the challenges they are currently facing…
  • Continuing with Hip Hop… this has to be one of the best album packaging I’ve ever seen… Jake One & Freeway’s upcoming album “Stimulus Package”…
  • 2 Cent Entertainment parodies Young Money’s “Every Girl” with “Every Book”… 110% Do Better Approved!!!
  • Twin boys sing gospel in harmony… and God smiles…
I think that’s a good way to end this weeks “Doing It Right” post…
thank you for doing better,

– dre’ of

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