Black Music History "Group Session" – Day 6: Labelle

6 Degrees of Soul: Before she replaced Florence Ballard of Day 5’s The Supremes; Cindy Birdsong replaced an original member of “The Ordettes”. After the inclusion of Birdsong, the group changed their name to The Bluebelles. Two years without a hit record the The Bluebelles said goodbye Ms. Birdsong and renamed themselves Labelle.

Sarah Dash, Nona Hendryx and Patti Labelle are the founding and current members of Labelle. Recognized by their biggest hit “Lady Marmalade”, Labelle were also known for their harmony, songwriting and stage presence. Many of the songs were written by Nona Hendryx who, like Patti, had a successful solo career. Here is one of my favorite Labelle songs written by Hendryx “Can I Speak to You Before You Go To Hollywood” and their major hit “Lady Marmalade”.
…be souful,
– dre’ of

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