Black Music History "Group Session" – Day 7: The O’Jays

6 Degrees of Soul: “Lady Marmalade” a major hit for Day 6’s Labelle was written by Bob Crewe and Kenny Nolan. Crewe oversaw many projects during his career, some of them were for Dee Dee Sharp Gamble. The 1st Lady of Philadelphia International Records (PIR) was known for her single “Easy Money”. In 1977, Gamble joined with Lou Rawls, Billy Paul, Archie Bell, Teddy Pendergrass, and Day 7’s The O’Jays for Do Better approved anthem “Let’s Clean Up the Ghetto”.


Along with Harold Melvin and his Blue Notes, The O’jays exemplified “Philly Soul”. Lush production facilitated by MFSB, songs about struggle, joy, heartbreak and love written by Gamble & Huff, with their gritty yet smooth harmony led by the bravado of Eddie Levert combined to make hit after hit. The name “The O’Jays” is a tribute to Cleveland based DJ Eddie O’Jay, who played their first single as “The Miracles” on the radio. After some ups and more downs in the music industry the group was about to call it quits until they met Gamble & Huff, and as they say, “the rest is history”. From “Love Train”, “Back Stabbers”, “For The Love of Money”, “Cry Together” and “Stairway to Heaven” their discography is full of hits that we are all are quite familiar. So I will post some of my favorite “b-side” cuts from the legendary group.

“I REALLY MISS MY HOOOOOOOOOMIES!!!” “UGHHHHHHH!!!”… *excuse me* I mean… I really miss you, “Brandy”

“Give the People Want They Want”… hopefully this blog posting is doing just that…

“Who Am I”… just an selling to… @ … 😀
…this was a Saturday morning constant in the household growing up… “You Got Your Hooks In Me”… I remember being around 10 years old imagining what type of hooks girls had… and would it hurt… well… I found out… 
…simple and plain… “I Love Music”
keep the soul music going…
– dre’ of

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