Black Music History "Group Session" – Day 16: Rotary Connection

6 Degrees of Soul: Before he made hits for Day’s 15’s EWF, Charles Stepney was one of the founding members of Day 16’s Rotary Connection.

Psychedelic brainchild of Charles Stepney and Marshall Chess (son of Leonard Chess), Rotary Connection pushed the boundary of soul experimentation with the incorporation of jazz and the voice of Minnie Riperton. The enigmatic group would release six albums and leave it’s mark on psychedelic soul music.
…used for Common’s “Drivin’ Me Wild”… 1971, the group released “Love Has Fallen on Me” on their final album, Hey Love
…from the same album… “I Am the Black Gold of the Sun”
…just because… a Minnie Riperton song penned by Stevie Wonder… title track “Perfect Angel”… sung in tribute by Wonder…

…soul lives on…
– dre’ of

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