Black Music History "Group Session" – Day 18: The Temptations (The Norman Whitfield Edition)

6 Degrees of Soul: After making several hits in the traditional 60’s Motown sound, Norman Whitfield decided to change his style towards “psychedelic soul”. That transition was highly influenced by Day 17’s Sly & The Family Stone and greatly benefited Day 18’s The Temptations.

 …I’m going to assume that we all know the story of The Temptations… and will just dive into my Top 5 “Norman Whitfield / The Temptations” songs…
…Number 1: “Papa Was a Rolling Stone”
…Number 2: “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg”
…Number 3: “Beauty Is Only Skin Deep”
…Number 4: “Just My Imagination”
…Number 5: “Runaway Child, Running Wild”
…Bonus Track: “Ball of Confusion”
 …just for the sake of good Soul… here’s Whitfield’s first hit… by a young Marvin Gaye… one of my favorites… “Pride & Joy”
Norman Whitfield
…that’s soul music at it’s best…
– dre’ of

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