Clarion Call for Common Sense: Chomp and Choke

Clarion Call for Common Sense: Chomp and Choke

Tis once again time for me to issue my Clarion Call for Common Sense.  This time the source of my ire is the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Now, I am not ashamed to say that I had no idea this organization even existed but boy are they on the map now.  For those of you also unaware allow me to give you the long and short of things.  The AAP has requested that labels be placed on foods they believe are a choking hazard for young children.  Such items include but are not limited to hot dogs, carrots, and grapes.  I must say I really don’t understand any of this.  Am I alone in thinking that this overture is not only a bit dim but a colossal waste of this organization’s time?  Perhaps they are looking for publicity, but I can’t conceive of an instance where such a warning is necessary or useful.  When is the last time a kid choked on a hot dog? And for that matter how?  Was he/she trying to do so?  If so then that’s another discussion entirely and the poor National Hot Dog & Sausage Council (another organization I didn’t know existed) should not be held responsible?  Once again, I think that a simpler solution is available and might even be more viable.  Just imagine with me for a second, parents watching their children such that potential choking hazards are mitigated by attentiveness.  Even more profound is the watchful parent that cuts the hot dog into manageable pieces a child might easily digest.  Dear God! This sheer profundity of common sense frightens even this avid advocate and practitioner.  In all seriousness though, labels? Is that really the solution?  Perhaps the AAP’s time might better spend drafting a pamphlet to educate new parents then leveraging that to secure a grant and then use the money to distribute the pamphlets to doctor’s offices and hospitals.  If they wanted to be particularly avant garde they could even partner with a grocery store chain and in order to educate the public of such hazards.  Anything is better than more stupid labels that will confuse and scare parents.

Levi F. Daniels
Common Sense Advocate

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