Clarion Call for Common Sense: Tea Party or a Bunch of Wet Bags?

Clarion Call for Common Sense: Tea Party or a Bunch of Wet Bags?
Now I would hope someone reading this would correct me were I wrong but wasn’t the tea party a demonstration of a group of colonists railing against a monarchy that taxed them without offering them any real voice in said government?  So I am a bit perplexed at this “fringe” group of Americans that have named their group after the aforementioned demonstration.  If in fact they really were concerned about whether or not the government is truly beholden to its constituents why not attack special interest contributions or better yet that infernal electoral college?  There’s a practice that has elicited a curious glare from discerning citizens since its creation.  But of course such things are out of the question.  Instead the tea party is much more content to rail against the vile democrats and their evil mission to ensure that more Americans receive at least basic health care than don’t.  Shame on them.  Now, to be sure, this plan, made law on March 23, 2010 will be expensive but how much so, we don’t actually know and we won’t know all of the implications for many years.  Oddly enough we could say the same for another hotly contested piece of legislation, the vaunted Patriot Act.  On the surface, the law was simply a reaction to our precious security being breeched at the onset of the horrendous events of 9/11 but left to its own devices and a little shrewd interpretation, our Wilsonian paranoia might give way to Orwellian surveillance of the entire population.  Think Cointellpro on a much grander scale with much better technology.  Anything from the tea party on that one?  Yep, just as you might’ve guessed, still waiting.  So what’s the point of all this tea party crashing?  Mainly, just venting my general irritation with a stilted binary argument resulting from an inane two party system that doesn’t completely represent the full scope of American life.  
Also hoping someone reading this has an opinion as well…
Levi F. Daniels
Common Sense Advocate

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