Black Music History "Giving Them Roses" – Day 8: Billy Paul

He had a lot more going on than just with Mrs. Jones…

Brother Billy Paul… aka Paul Williams is owed a great “My Bad, Player”… When going through the list of unsung artists to “give roses”… of those still walking among us… I didn’t even consider him… It was definitely not because he isn’t worth it… He most certainly is… I just thought… he… was… long gone. But as I was jamming to “Am I Black Enough For You” it hit me to check the status of the soul brother… and was relieved to learn he was still with us! 
Admittedly, I was late to the Billy Paul party… Like many folks I thought he was just the “Me & Mrs. Jones” guy… It wasn’t until I doing some sample hunting for a beat on one of J Dilla’s Beat Tapes (also used on a 9th Wonder Beat Tape…) that I came upon his discography… The voice was unmistakable but I had no idea of the song… After doing some digging… I discovered Billy Paul’s When Love Is New album with the sampled song “Let The Dollar Circulate”… With further listening I came upon my now favorite Billy Paul song of all-time “I Want Cha’ Baby”… another song used by 9th Wonder on the same Beat Tape… It was becoming quite evident that this brother had some songs… Perhaps if it wasn’t for the meteoric career of Teddy Pendergrass… he wouldn’t be considered a 1-hit wonder… Something the following tunes will help to dispel…
Well, am I??? (…yet another sample… )

“People Power” …we really need it…

Best love song no one knows about… (with 9th’s interpretation…)

…as stated above…
…the brother had a lot more going on than just Mrs. Jones…
Billy Paul.

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