Black Music History "Giving Them Roses" – Day 11: Bobby Womack

Your talented crazy uncle… Robert Dwayne Womack.

I’m not sure why he feels like family but Bobby Womack does… Maybe it’s his handling of “Harry Hippie”… He approaches the song like story-time chat at the card table after Thanksgiving dinner… Both sharing the tale and resolving the issue of dealing with Harry, all the while counting the number of books he has in Spades… Concluding “I’d like to help a man when he’s down, but I can’t help him much if he’s sleeping on the ground…” It could be that… or the fact, like most uncles, he’s pretty much done it all in his 66 years… 
  • He’s been mentored by a legend… Sam Cooke.
  • Wrote the first # 1 hit song for legendary rock band… The Rolling Stones.
  • Rose to stardom and with a hit record… Harry Hippie; a song about his brother.
  • Married his dead mentor’s widow… Barbara Campbell.
  • His brother married the daughter of the dead mentor and his… ex-wife.
  • Had his career derailed due to personal issues… see last two points. 
  • Rebounded his career with hit… “If You Think You’re Lonely Now.”
  • Remained relevant in today’s pop culture by collaborating with a virtual band… Gorillaz.
Surely, a worthy list for any uncle… 
I’m positive somewhere on stage is a bottle of Hennessy…

Top Womack song in my iTunes…

Tell ’em…

That’s YO’ uncle…

More woman tales…

Top 5 Soundtrack Theme Songs of All-Time

Uncle Bobby, we thank you.

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