Do Better Thursday: Servathon 2011

It’s time to really Move with The Movement & Do Better!

This Spring, the Do Better Movement is taking it to the streets… Joining the wonderful volunteer efforts of Greater DC Cares, we will be out in force contributing to various service projects in Washington, DC… If you’d like to join the Do Better Movement team this Spring… Check out pictures from previous volunteer events and details below…. Sign up and Move with The Movement!
– dre’ of

The Queen & Volunteer…
You never know… The Baddest Man on the Planet might show up!
Do(ing) Better in action…
What: Greater DC Cares Servathon – the largest day of service in the region!
When: Saturday, April 16
Time: 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 pm.
Cost: $25 Volunteering is NOT free. Registration fee helps cover the cost of supplies for the day (trash bags, paint, ladders etc).
Why should I volunteer?
I shouldn’t have to answer this question, but…Volunteering helps build the capacity of the nonprofits, schools, and community based organizations in our community. Plus it feels good as hell to help others, try it on for size!
Who’s Involved?
Over 8,000 volunteers, but we’re trying to get a Do Better Movement Team together. If we get 25 or more people on our team by March 9, we’ll get our team name on the t-shirt. So let’s go folks!
What will we be doing?
The fine folks over at Greater DC Cares are still developing service projects. But past projects include – playground enhancements at area schools (painting basketball courts, four square, us maps on blacktops), landscaping projects, interacting with seniors, improving the look at feel at recreation center and nonprofits and more.
I’m not sold yet. Tell me again why I should volunteer.
In celebration of National Volunteer Week (April 10 – 16) and the great accomplishments from the day Greater DC Cares is organizing the annual Servathon After-Party. So come out to volunteer and celebrate.
I’m in! How do I join the Team?

  1. Click here to register
  2. Select the Register Here button
  3. Accept the Waiver
  4. Select Join a Team
  5. Search for Do Better Movement
  6. You got it from there!

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