H.U. Pride Tee… Had to make one for the Capstone!!!

Entering 2011… one of my resolutions (aka The Do Better Goal List) was to create 3 new shirts that covered some of my loves… The first of the selected “loves” was captured with the creation of the Team #HAMSNACKS t-shirt… Professing my adoration for the Divine Swine… The 2nd chosen love was my appreciation of the beauty that is woman… thus the “Go Ladies” tribute t-shirt… Now, it’s time for the Alma Mater to get some love.
My father is a Bison… taught at Howard University… he also met his wife on the Capstone… So, it was pretty much a far-gone conclusion where I would be applying during my senior year in high school. Having grown up on campus… Playing soccer on the yard while in junior high… going to see concerts at Cramton Auditorium… (or at least trying to… Thanks, George Clinton… :-/ ) to getting my community service credit at the radio station at WHBC 830 AM… allowing me and my friends to host the current hip-hop and RnB artists… Even got a chance to interview 50 Cent… before he become 50 Cent and was just teaching us how to rob… all that took place before I stepped on the campus as a student. Did I mention my high school was directly across the street from H.U.? Well yeah… that along with the friends and lessons I’ve gained from my years at the Mecca… propelled me to make a shirt in honor of the best school in the land… H.U. …the REAL H.U.!!!  🙂


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