Do Better Thursday: Hip Hop Is Here to Regulate

Rest In Peace to the Rap Hook King… Brother Nate Dogg.

Yeah, it didn’t make sense to me then… and it still doesn’t make much to me now… but dammit… it’s what Nate Dogg saing… and that’s all the reasoning I needed…
So, rest and thanks, Nate Dogg.
This has definitely been a “Do Better Movement” week… from the tragedy in Japan and the subsequent comments of ignorance… to the Fab5 documentary on ESPN and the “Uncle Tom” backlash… the lil man who wasn’t gonna take it no more and proceeded to ThunderSlam his bully… can’t forget the UCLA student who had issues with “Asians in the library”… and more… let’s get to it!
Doing It Right!
  • Signs of life in the Hip Hop arena are becoming more and more present… Big KRIT is dropping his sophomore album, Return of 4eva, next week, 3/22… Oddisee just released a video of “Different Now” a track he did for Mello Music Group’s Helpless Dreamer compilation… Zo! of Foreign Exchange music also released a video featuring Phonte for song, “Greater Than The Sun”… Bonus: thrown in the mix is Raphael Saadiq’s video “Good Man” for his upcoming project “Stone Rollin'”… I meant to include it weeks ago, better late than never… enjoy!

Oddisee just makes dope music… 

Looking forward to “Stone Rollin'”… drops in May 10th…
  • Jalen Rose announces bid for 2011 “Negro Who Keeps It Real” award… Also known as, the FAB 5 documentary that premiered in ESPN this past Sunday… If you don’t know by now… it tells the story of Michigan’s 1991 recruit class that featured Chris Webber, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King, Ray Jackson and Rose… Along the way, the topic of Duke appeared and whether or not their Black players were Uncle Toms for playing for Coach K… Rose and others have since defended their stance in the face of journalists and even garnered a response from Grant Hill, a former Duke player… I’m quite tempted to voice my opinion on this here blog… and may do so soon… Until then, try to catch the Fab 5 doc on ESPN… regardless of where you stand on that issue and others… it’s still a very good piece…
DOING IT WRONG!!! Scratch that… This time it’s “DUMBASS OF THE WEEK!”
  • Alexandra Wallace. Dumbass of the Week. Here’s her “Asians in the library” rant.
We… gotta… do… better.
…deep sigh…
– dre of

Do Better Thursday: Winter, WRAP IT UP, B!!!

“Can someone, please, tell this cat to get the f#@k on???”

What it is, good people?
I hope you’re having great March thus far…
No complaints over here…
Hope you enjoyed the “Black Music History: Giving Them Roses” series… featuring living legends that typically don’t get the mainstream attention that they deserve…
Also, remember, it’s not too late to sign up with The Do Better Movement volunteer event at Servathon 2001 on April 16th… Join us and Do Better!
Welp, it’s Thursday… So, let’s get to it!
Doing it Right!
  • Lupe Fiasco’s Lasers. Much has been made about the album… the issues releasing the album… from label delays… to shelving… to fan outcry and protests… the subsequent release… and even Lupe’s disdain with the process and handling of the project that he isn’t raving about the work… However, with all of this going on… he’s managed to release a pretty solid album. The content is what you’d expect from the artist… sonically it’s continues along the rock/rap/pop sound of some of the track from The Cool… I’m not sure what others expected with this work… but it’s Do Better Approved in my book.
It’s not for everyone… but then again… it is.

On the fence…
  • PETA gets Waka Flocka Flame to promote… I’m not even sure where to begin with this… PETA, although, their premise is cool… Has some crazy-ass ways of delivering their message… and this venture, of Waka “Ink Not Mink” campaign seems to be in the same bucket… Wasn’t just last week, he was involved in a gunfight… Plus, I’m not sure if you want him as a SPOKESperson… last I checked… one would have to speak… judge for yourself… I’m undecided.

Doing It Wrong!!!
  • There’s plenty of Doing It Wrong going around… with the conflict in Libya… wild-ass Charlie… gas prices steadily rising… and Heat not able to hit a game-winner… but this week’s Doing It Wrong awards goes to Winter. Come on, chief… let’s wrap this thing up… I’m ready to hang up my peacoat for good. Thanks.
Bring on Spring!

Thanks for Doing Better!
– dre of